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My name is Kathy. I live in the Florida panhandle with my husband, Rick, five of our kids-- Tyler, Jessica, Jeff, Adam and Jasmine, two dogs--Scrappy and Cheyenne, and two cats--Max and Shy. We have another daughter, Ashley, who lives in Indiana with her husband, Mike, and their daughter, Phoenix.

My favorite thing to do is write. I write stories and articles, but the best thing I write is books for preteen Christian Girls. You can read about my books at my website The books for girls have stories, information, questions, crafts, puzzles, quizzes and more.

Here's a quiz to try. It's from my book, The Christian Girl's Guide to Being Your Best. After you do it, leave a comment to let me know what your talent is. You might want to a have friend try it and compare your talents.

Finding Your Talents

1. If you could do anything you wanted to this Saturday, you would:
a. Read the newest book by your favorite author.
b. Write in your journal concerning your true feelings about your friends.
c. Try a new Math Blaster computer game
d. Visit the art museum.
e. Try out the chemistry set you got for your birthday.
f Play one-on-one basketball with your best friend.
g Start a cross-stitch project.
h. Talk on the phone with your friends.
i Listen to the newest CD by your favorite artist.
j Read to children at the library story hour.

2. You are going to visit a new mall. The first thing you do is:
a. Go to the bookstore and see if they have any books that you’d like to read.
b. People watch. Try to guess how each person is feeling as they walk past you.
c. Buy a book about using math in everyday life.
d. Go to the hobby store to see what art supplies they have.
e. Buy neon stars at the science store to recreate the constellations on the ceiling
of your room.
f Go to the sports store and try on the latest style of running shoes.
g Visit the sewing/craft store and see if they have any beads to make a necklace.
h Hang out in the food court with your friends.
i Browse through CDs at the music store.
j Visit the toy store and buy something for the church nursery.

3. Your family goes to the park. You:
a. Write a poem about what you see.
b. Watch the couples talking together and try to guess what they’re discussing.
c. Notice the patterns in different tree leaves.
d. Sketch the people sitting on the bench.
e. Lift a rock to see what lives under it.
f Rollerblade on the path.
g Look at what everyone is wearing. Design a new jogging outfit to make.
h Talk to the other youth who are there.
i Listen to the band performing there.
j Push the children on swings.

4. It’s time to choose a school elective. You sign up for:
a. Journalism.
b. Social issues.
c. Computer programming.
d. Graphic design.
e. Biology.
f. Gymnastics.
g. Home economics.
h. Office aid.
i. Jazz band.
j. A teacher’s helper position for the younger grades.

5. A new girl arrives at school. On the first day you:
a. Write her a letter telling her about the school.
b. Try to understand how it feels to be the new kid.
c. Ask if she needs help with her math homework.
d. Invite her to attend ceramics class with you.
e. Ask her to be your partner for the upcoming science project.
f. Ask her to go running with you after school.
g. Invite her to your house to bake cookie after school.
h. Sit with her at lunch and find out about her friends at her old school.
i. Ask her what her favorite kind of music is.
j. Offer to help her baby-sit her younger siblings.

Scoring: Count how many times you circled each letter. You probably had more of one or two letters than of the others. These tell you where your interests and abilities lie. If you circles mostly:

a -- You are strong in language and writing. You may become a writer, journalist, librarian, book reviewer, linguist, or public speaker. God might use you to translate the Bible into another language. Or, you might write books and materials to help others grow as Christians. For now, join your yearbook or newspaper staff, volunteer in the library, write in a journal, and create poems and stories to share with others. Join the speech or debate team if your school has one.

b -- You have insights into your own and other people’s feelings. You like to talk to others about their feelings and help them to solve their problems. You will make a good manager, principal, counselor, teacher, social worker, or any job working with people. God may use you to counsel others, work with abuse children, be an adoption counselor or go to the mission field. Continue to be helpful to your friends and when you are older, sign up to do peer counseling, or help in another outreach program.

c -- You enjoy math, reason, logic, and patterns. There are limitless jobs for you in the math and computer field. You may also enjoy being an accountant, bookkeeper, or even scientist. Try to use your math skills in practical ways. Figure out how to double a recipe when your parents are having dinner guests, how much material your mother needs to make a table cloth, the better buy at the grocery store by figuring out how much each item cost per ounce, or how much gas per mile your family’s car uses. God needs mathematicians with integrity to solve complex problems in the world and develop computer technology that will help others.

d -- You enjoy art. There are many different mediums to explore -- oils, watercolors, pottery, ceramics, ceramics, stained glass, sculpting. Try different kinds of art until you find out what you enjoy most. Once you are in high school, you will have more opportunities to take art classes. You might become an architect, graphic artist, illustrator, photographer, fashion designer, or magazine layout editor. Visit your art museum to expose yourself to good work. You can use your talent to create illustrations for Christian materials or to introduce art work that would glorify God.

e -- You enjoy the sciences. Your opportunities are endless. You might be an astronomer, astronaut, biologist, zoologist, marine scientist, forest ranger, chemist, pharmacist, nurse, doctor, veterinarian. God may use you as a doctor on the mission field or to find a cure for a disease. You may lecture about creation or write science books for Christian schools. Branch out and try your skills in the different sciences as you enter high school and college.

f -- You are an athletic person. You enjoy sports and fitness. You may play on school sports teams and enjoy adventure outings with your parents. Maybe there is a sport your whole family could enjoy together such as archery, canoeing, biking or rollerblading. You might pursue a career as a physical education teacher, recreation worker, dancer, trainer, coach, or professional athlete. You might be able to use your skills in a couple of years as a junior counselor or recreational aid at your church camp. You might travel with an evangelistic sports team. As an athlete, you will be in the spotlight and others will see your Christian testimony in action.

g -- Creating things in the kitchen, with a sewing machine or craft materials comes easy to you. You may enjoy a wide range of craft activities, designing and sewing clothes, or cooking a variety of different foods. You will enjoy home economics class where you can experiment with different projects. You may even want to sign up for shop class and see what you can create with wood. Use your talents now by baking cookies for a busy mother, baking a casserole for someone in grief, mending clothes for your younger siblings, making cross stitch pictures for gifts, and helping your mom with the cooking. Later, these things might be part of your career as a chef or clothes designer.

h -- Making friends and meeting new people is fun for you. You enjoy being with others more than being alone. You are probably involved in clubs and after-school activities. You need to be sure you don’t get so caught up in having fun with friends that you forget about responsibility. People like you, that enjoy being with other people, are often elected class or club president. This gives you a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. You will enjoy a career where you work with people. That might mean anything from being a teacher to being a social worker to managing a store.

i -- You enjoy listening to music or creating music of your own. You can probably name the top tunes of the week. You may become a disk jockey, musician, band director, music store salesclerk, music teacher, composer or music therapist. Did you know that there are musicians who write music to take the gospel to other countries? They compose music that appeals to the native people and also teaches them about God. This is only one way God can use musicians. God needs musicians to take his message into the world both here at home and to far away countries.

j -- Working with children makes you happy. You like reading to them, playing with them and teaching them. You may already be using your talents as a baby-sitter. You can also be a big help in your church by assisting a busy Sunday school teacher, being a helper at Vacation Bible school or in the nursery. If you are too young now, you won’t be in a couple of years. You may have a career as a teacher, social worker, therapist, counselor, missionary, children’s author, pediatrician or even a toy designer! Use your love of children to make a difference in their lives.

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Heather Gemmen Wilson said...

Great blog entry, Kathy. If any of your readers have figured out that they like to read, have them go to my site to help me write a book. I'd love their thoughts.

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DragonRider said...

I really enjoy this web site. On the quiz I came out mostly "A"'s and "J"'s. And it is really true because I really like to write and I also like to work with the first to third graders in my church's Childrens Church.