Monday, October 09, 2006

School Stuff

By now you're back in the swing of things at school. You may even be facing your first report card. I hope it's a good one!

Did you know that not everyone learns the same way? Some people learn better by seeing things, some people learn better by hearing things and others learn best by doing things. Do you know which kind of learner you are? If you don't, try the quiz below. It's from a book I wrote that will be coming out next year. It's a book full of quizzes just for girls. Give this one a try. Leave a comment and let me know what kind of learner you are.

1. You’ve moved to a new school. You aren’t really sure where everything is located. The best way for you to find things would be to have:
A. A map that shows you where everything is.
B. Someone to explain to you where to find what you need.
C. A guide to walk you where you need to go.

2. You are going to be tested over all the states. You have to be able to label them on a blank map. The best way for you to learn them would be:
A. Studying a map with the states labeled on it and then trying to write the state names on a blank map.
B. Singing or saying the state names out loud while pointing to them on a map.
C. Cutting the practice map your teacher gave you into pieces and trying to put it back together like a puzzle.

3. It’s time to work with fractions. You have to be able to divide shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths. The best way for you to learn to do that would be to:
A. Study the drawings in your book.
B. Have the teacher or friend explain to you how to do it.
C. Practice cutting pizzas into those fractions.

4. You need to learn a verse for your Sunday school class. The best way to learn it would be:
A. Write it on your dry erase board where you can see it. Erase a word at a time and try to see the missing word in your mind. Do this until you know the whole verse.
B. Say the verse to a rhythm until you can say it without looking.
C. Bounce a basketball. Say one word for each bounce. Do this until you can "bounce out" the whole verse.

5. Your teacher gives the first word of a spelling test. You know how to spell the word because:
A. You can see the word in your mind.
B. You can hear yourself spelling the word.
C. You know how it feels to write the word.

6. You have a book report due. You haven’t read the book yet. You prefer to:
A. Read the book.
B. Listen to the book on tape.
C. See the movie.

7. You need to get the book report ready. You plan to:
A. Do a written report.
B. Do an oral report.
C. Act out a scene.

8. You need to do a science project about how crystals form. You think the best way is to:
A. Write a report and include charts and graphs to illustrate the process.
B. Do a taped presentation on how crystals form.
C. Grow crystals at home and take them in to science class.

9. You need to know how many cups are in a pint, how many pints in a quart and how many quarts in a gallon. The best way to remember is:
A. Draw a picture showing the amounts.
B. Make up a rhyme about the correct amounts.
C. Take measuring cups and different sized cartons to the sink and learn it by doing it.

10. You have to memorize the Gettysburg address. You practice by:
A. Writing it out until you can do it by memory.
B. Singing it until you can do it by memory.
C. Acting it out with hand motions.

Count up how many a’s, b’s, and c’s you have.Many people learn in more than one way, so if you have some a’s, b’s, and c’s, that’s okay. The best way to learn something is to see it, hear it, and do it. But there is probably one way that is the best for you.
If you have mostly:

A’s You are a visual learner. That means you learn best when you see things. You would rather read a book than hear it read. Charts, graphs, maps, flashcards and illustrations all help you when it’s time to study. If you have to remember something, try drawing it or writing it out.

B’s You are an auditory learner. That means you learn best when you hear things. You would rather hear a story read to you than read it yourself. Songs, rhymes, and saying things aloud help you when it’s time to study. If you have to remember something, sing it to a tune you know or rap it out.

C’s You are a kinesthetic learner. That means you learn best when you can do an experiment or activity, or when you can use your body to learn. You would enjoy acting out a book as a play more than reading it or hearing it read. If you have to remember something, doing it will help you. You might use magnetic letters to practice your spelling words, or write them on paper then cut them up and put them back together like a puzzle.
Knowing your learning style can help you study better and remember more. Your parents and teachers may have some good suggestions for you too.

Try this:
Pick three different ways to learn your spelling words (or something else that you have to memorize) this week. Try writing them and erasing a letter at a time until you can spell them, learn them to a song, and try spelling them to a rhythm while bouncing a ball or jump roping.

Until later-

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DragonRider said...

I am very visual. I have to see things. If someone just tells me something, I forget it. I draw diagrams and maps and stuff to help me remember.