Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Blahs

February is my blah month. Today it's pouring rain. It's dark and dreary out. In other parts of the country it's snowing. I'm always glad to see February end and spring begin. Not that February is all bad--after all, there's Valentine's day, my youngest daughter's birthday and my other daughter's half-birthday (we celebrate half birthdays with half a cake!)

Do you ever get bored? of course you do! How well do you handle boredom? Take the quiz below to find out. Then leave a comment with your ideas for beating boredom.

Circle a, b, or c to finish each statement. Pick the statement that sounds the most like something you might do.
1. When I find myself alone I:
a. Call up a friend to see if they want to come over and shoot baskets.
b. Sit on my bed and complain.
c. Work on my favorite collection or start a new collection.

2. If I'm playing outside and suddenly it starts to rain I:
a. Get my brothers and sisters involved in playing inside games.
b. Stare out the window and hope it stops raining soon.
c. Decide it's a good time to reread a favorite book or watch a favorite video.

3. It's Saturday morning and I planned to go to a friend's house but my mom says I have to clean my whole bedroom first. I:
a. Call my best friend to come help me clean so we can do something together sooner.
b. Shove stuff around so it looks like I'm cleaning.
c. Decide that as long as I have to clean my room I might as well sort out outgrown clothes, toys, and games to donate to the homeless shelter.

4. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. That means I might be sitting in the waiting room for a while. I:
a. Take along a game to play with my brother or someone else who is waiting.
b. Sit in the waiting room thinking about what I could be doing instead.
c. Take along a magazine so I can read the stories and do the puzzles.

5. Right before recess the teacher announces that it's too cold to play outside. I had my heart set on kickball. I:
a. Decide that playing Monopoly inside is okay too.
b. Sit at my desk and watch everyone else having fun.
c. Sit at my desk and work on a poster for safety week.

Count up how many a's, b's, and c's you have.If you have mostly a's, you overcome your boredom by doing activities with other people. Whether it's your siblings or friends, you have lots of ideas of things to do. You can play games, build things, go to the park, shoot baskets, watch favorite videos and a lot more things. That's great. Things are more fun with a friend, but make sure you have some ways to entertain yourself when you're alone too.

If you have mostly b's, you give in to your boredom. You pout or complain instead of finding something else to do. There's so much to do! You could ask your mom to help you bake cookies, read a new book or an old favorite, listen to music, start a collection, go for a walk in the snow, or play games with a sibling or friend. Make your own list of things to do when you are bored.

If you have mostly c's, you know how to keep busy by yourself. You are content to do your favorite activities, read, make stuff, or work on hobbies by yourself. It's good to be able to be content alone. If you find yourself alone most of the time though, maybe it's time to look for a good friend to do things with or to include a brother or sister in your activities occasionally.

Leave a comment and let others know how you handle boredom.

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