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Listening Quiz

This is from my quiz book for girls which I hope will be out next year. I thot it was coming out this year!

This quiz will help you get ready to go back to school!

Quiz Eight
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

He who has ears, let him hear. Matthew 11:15

Jesus often spoke to large crowds of people. Sometimes those people didn't really hear his message. Jesus told them to use their ears and really listen.

During the day you spend a lot of time communicating--reading, talking, listening or writing. You also have chances to hear God's Word in Sunday school and church. Most of your time is spent listening, especially at school. Listening skills are important! How do your listening skills stack up? Take the quiz below to find out. Color the circle next to the answer that is most honest.
1. A friend is talking to me, I:
Concentrate on what they are saying. Think about what I’m going to say
when they stop talking.

2. My mom starts lecturing me about something I forgot to do, I:
Listen to find out what she Tune her out by thinking about
wanted me to do and fix the problem. what I’m going to do when she’s
done talking.

3. My history teacher is talking about causes of the war, I:
Listen to details but try
to see the big picture- the Make sure I hear and write down
main idea - also. all the facts.

4. When a parent or friend is talking to me, I:
Listen to the words but also Listen to the words. How can you
check out the body language tell what someone is thinking by
to get the true message. the way they move and stand?

5. The pastor is preaching and there are too many words I don’t understand, I:
Listen for things that I do understand. Give up and decide the sermon is for
the adults anyway.

6. A new girl approaches me in the hall and starts telling me how anxious she is about attending my school, I:
Make eye contact and nod to show I Look around for my friends while I
understand what she’s saying. listen so they can join me.

7. When a friend is telling me about a problem, I:
Listen to her words but also Listen to what she is saying and
try to figure out what she hope she is saying what she
really means. really means.

8. My friend keeps talking on and on about a fight with her mom. I:
Wait for a pause in her story Interrupt her story and start
and then gently tell her she telling about my own fight with
really needs to talk to her mom my mom which was so much
about it. worse.

How did you do?
In each situation, the correct answer is in the A column..
6-8 right You’re tuned in. People probably enjoy talking to you because they can tell you are listening.
4-5 right You’re on the right track, but you need to concentrate more on the person who is talking and less on yourself or what is going on around you.
0-3 right You might find that people don’t talk to you as often as they do to their other friends. Make it a point to improve your listening skills and they’ll soon notice and seek you out when they need to talk. Check out the tips below.

Tune In!
 Since you can listen faster than someone can talk, use that delay time to think about what the person talking to you is really saying. Try it in school when your teachers are talking and you might find it helps you remember things longer.
 Listen to your parents, teachers, or friends even if you aren’t that interested in what they’re saying. You’d want them to do the same for you.
 Check out a person’s body language while you’re listening. Sometimes the way a person stands or gestures can tell you how she is really feeling. Look at your friend’s facial expressions while she is talking.
 Make eye contact for the majority of the time. If you are constantly glancing around to see who’s walking by in the school hall way or what else is going on, you’ll tell the other person that you aren’t that interested in what they’re saying.
 If you need to interrupt, say "excuse me" and wait for your friend to stop before you say what you need to say.

Here's what some girls said about listening:

“Sometimes I’m so excited about what I’m talking about that I forget to listen,” Shay, 13, Lansing, MI.

“I think I’m a good listener because I listen to my friends problems and try to help them. They think I’m a good listener because they tell me their problems. I can tell when someone is listening if they are looking at me,” Jill, 12, Perry, GA.

"I’m a good listener because I’m quiet, and I like listening to my friends'
problems." Haley, 12, Perry, GA.

"A good listener pays attention when the teacher is talking instead of looking around or doing something else," Claire, 11, Panama City, FL.

Try this:
Next time someone talks to you, look at them and concentrate on what they are saying, not what you want to say next. Nod or smile to let them know you are really listening to them.

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