Saturday, December 22, 2007

By Jessica

Hi this is Jessica and I would like to tell you about a book your older brothers and sisters would like and you might like in a few years called The Door Within.
When Aidan had to move from his best friend in Maryland to live with his Grandpa in Colorado Aidan thought it would be the worst summer of his life, but he was wrong. While searching his grandpa's basement he found three ancient scrolls. With the help of his grandpa,Aidan begins the adventure of a life time.
Aidan entered the Realm and found that a city was endangered be the evil knight, Paragor. After Aidan became the 12th knight the Elder guard set of to save Mithegard.
This book is a great picture of the love of God for men and the hatred of those against him. This is a great book if you are into adventures and knights. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to reads books and to those who do not.

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