Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Craft

Here is an easy Christmas craft to make. When you're done, you can hang it on your tree, exchange it with a friend, or sent it to a grandparent.

Christmas Star Frame
Here is a fun star frame for you to make as a reminder of Jesus' birth. What You Need:
 Six craft sticks
 Gold paint--OR your favorite color!
 Glue
 Picture of yourself or family
 Gold cord or wire
To do:
 Glue three craft sticks together to form a triangle.
 Glue the second set of three craft sticks together to form a triangle.
 Allow the glue to dry.
 Place one triangle on top of the other to form a star. Glue.
 Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.
 Paint the frame gold (or another Christmas color). Add decorations if you like.
 Cut the picture so the face shows through the opening but no picture sticks out around the frame.
 Glue the picture behind the frame.
 Form a loop of cord and glue it to the top back of the frame for hanging. Allow to dry completely.
 Hang on your tree!

The ornament in the pictures is a little beat up. It's the original one we were experimenting with. We tried painting them red, white and a combination of colors.

Give it a try and send a picture of you with your ornament! I'll post them here.

This craft is from "The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible" which I wrote. The book is for ages 9-12. But really girls a little younger or a little older than that may like it too.

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