Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Challenge


We are out of school May 28 at noon. Jasmine's teacher has been stressing that they should read all summer but of course we would do that without her saying so. Always have, always will!

Jasmine was commenting that we are almost done reading my book Just4Me:The Bible. We decided that we would start it over on June 1 and instead of me reading it to her, she would read it to me a chapter a week. It's ten chapters long. That way we will be practicing reading and learning more about the Bible at the same time.

Anyone else have girls ages 5-8 or 9 who would want to do this with us? Or if you are that age and reading this blog, please join us.(Ages 7 or 8 and up can read it themselves, younger ones will need it read to them.)We will be reading one chapter a week starting June 1. We will post the crafts we make and if your daughter (or you) does it you can send us a picture and we'll post those too. Also be sure to request some pencils from my girl's blog if you are doing this with us. Just tell me you're doing it and I'll send the pencils. The books are available at CLICK HERE, and family bookstores.

And moms, if you need something to read, go back a couple of posts to get a book for you. I have 14 books left gathering dust. I go to the Christian book convention again in July and will be loaded down with a ton of books.

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Anonymous said...

I will be doing it.

Ari, 7, IN