Thursday, July 17, 2008

Being a Writer

Most of the time being a writer means sitting at my desk researching and writing or at the table developing craft ideas. But once a year, I get to go to the International Christian Retail Show if it's close enough to drive. This year it was. It was seven hours away. This is the other side of writing--showing off the books!

The show starts out with a worship service and a big concert with several groups representing different kinds of Christian music. This year there was hip hop, stringed instruments, a southern quartet, Nicole Mullen and Jeremy Camp.

Group 1 Crew

Annie Moses Band
Nicole Mullen who sings "I Know My Redeemer Lives."
Brian Free & Assurance
Jasmine, Nicole Mullen, Jessica
Nicole and Jessica
Jessica with Jeremy Camp

This group performed at the ribbon cutting ceremony before the floor opened for the exhibitors and book store owners.

Once the floor opened, each publishing house or distributor had different activities.
Jasmine singing for Nicole Mullen.

Jasmine and Tyler Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury
The Cassels and Karen Kingsbury
Michael Berenstain, son of Stan and Jan, was there and brought the family!

The people who did Kung Fu Panda were there and we had a free showing with free popcorn and soda at the IMAX theater.
After the movie.

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