Saturday, July 19, 2008

Old Prizes and New Prizes

I still have the notebook for the chapter 3 or 4 craft picture; and two bracelets and four pins for a picture in an unusual or funny place. Come on girls, let's get these prizes off my desk.

UPDATE: only the black bracelet is left. Anyone for black?
Next, the first four readers to tell me the coolest thing they've learned about the Bible so far can claim these bracelets. The symbols mean: Jesus came, died,was buried, rose again and is coming again. I have white, black, red, and green. ONLY THE BLACK ONE IS LEFT.I know there are boys reading along with their sisters so if you are a boy, this is a cool thing for you too. They are more "boy colors" than "girl colors." Just leave a comment on this post.

UPDATE: HOWIE GOES SHOPPING (puppy) is gone, SYDNEY (girl in yellow dress) is gone and one copy of Hope Lives is gone. I have a second copy of Hope Lives.
Finally, here are the newest prizes--mom and daughter prizes. How to get them: Just put in a plug for the book you are reading (Just4Me: The Bible or The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible) on a blog or as a review on or Tell me where you reviewed or recommended the book and get a girl's book and a mom book. Some of them are signed by the author, some aren't. Let me know which two books (or mousepad) you want after you post the review.

The Noah's ark thing is mouse pad. It's actually an advertisement for their company but I thought it was cute.


Nichole said...

oooh, how do we score the Noah mousepad?

Anonymous said...

I learned that the Major Prophets are called that because they are longer books than the minor prophets not more important.

I want the green bracelet.


Anonymous said...

Sarah just posted a book review (CGG to the B) on CBD. It hasn't posted yet.

She would like the book "A Little Bit of Faith"; I would like "Hope Lives". (We LOVE to read!) THANK YOU!



Anonymous said...

I learned that the Old Testament is divided into five different categories.
I would like the white bracelet.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that David wrote almost half of the Psalms!
I would like the red bracelet.
Thank you,

Natalie said...

Madeline, Meghan and Eliana all posted reviews on El posted on the older girls book. Meghan would like the book with the white puppy on the cover, Eliana the Between mag, and Madeline the book with the girl in the yellow dress on the cover. I'd love the newest Karen Kingsbury book. :)