Monday, August 04, 2008

Prize Pictures

I will post pictures for the prizes as I receive them.

Here is a reader at her local bookstore with two books I wrote. She has requested "Hunter Brown" and "A Man After God's Own Heart" so those two books are gone.
This reader has chosen the pink notebook so that is no longer available.

This craft is from J4M: The Bible page 58 and she chose an orange bracelet. There is still one left.


Stacey said...

I would love to get a hold of your childrens bible... How can I get a signed copy as well! :-)


Kathy said...

All my books are available through amazon, and they are suppose to be available at Family bookstores.

I hope to have a new book out soon but I just blew my boy's book contract : (

Anonymous said...

this looks really cool but i'm too late for this year, are you going to do it next summer? or during the year? i am homeschool so you could do homeschool challenge.

Kathy said...

I will probably not do one again until my next Christian Girl's Guide comes out and that will be for ages 8-12.