Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here are some reviews of The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible. Some are old and others are new.


I think this book is amazing. It gives a lot of information about the Bible. I really enjoyed the crafts and puzzles that were throughout the book. You should read it!

The book is about the whole Bible. It tells how God created the world, the flood, David and Goliath, Jesus' birth and all the other main Bible stories. There are activities that explain the Bible. There are Bible verse puzzles too. I recommend you get it because it's fun to read and you'll enjoy it.

I like the book because it has some cool puzzles and games and the pictures are great. My favorite things are the crafts and the stories. But the "READ IT" sections are my favorites. The book is about the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will learn lots if you read it and do the activities.

I like the book. The puzzles are fun. I am 12. I like the story of Gideon. I like the metal key chains. My favorite craft is the banner. READ THE BOOK!!!!!!

I like learning all about the Bible and the people and stories. But my favorite part of this book is the crafts. I made the Bible bag (page 24) and take my Bible and stuff to church in it every week. I also did the tie-dye shirt (page 41) and I can't wait to do the rest of the crafts.

A great book for the pre teen girl to learn and enjoy the Bible.
It includes puzzles, crafts, stories and quizzes to help remember
many of the most popular Bible stories. it has a synopsis of each book of the Bible with helpful stories about each main character of the book.
Includes a cool keychain can be used as bookmark while you read the book.

The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible has puzzles, crafts, quizzes, stories and cool graphics. It also has a keychain. The first keychain with it was plastic and mine broke but they sent me a replacement really cool metal one and that's what comes with the books now.
The puzzles are crossword, clock puzzles, phone puzzles. For crafts you can make a bag (even my three brothers did this one!), serve the Lord banner, friendship pin, Bible promise box, tithe bank, Christmas star frame, leaf print cards, sponge print cards, a cross necklace, heart necklace and alpha and omega bracelet. There are also some fun recipes like banana boats, and trail mixes. My favorite parts are the crafts and the rebus stories and the quizzes. I hope a lot of girls will read this book and learn lots about the Bible because it's God's Word to us.

This is the best book about the Bible I have read. I like the rebus stories the best. I also like the quizzes and puzzles. I like the quiz about sharing your faith and what person of the Bible you are most like. The pictures are really cool too.

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It sounds like a cool book.