Friday, October 17, 2008

Developing Crafts

When I start my books, I think about the kind of crafts I want. No cut and paste type crafts in these books. Since each chapter of Just for Me: My Family has an animal family in it, I decided to create animal crafts for many of them. I am not a super creative person. Each craft has to be easy, use easy-to-find materials and have a purpose--bank, frame, pencil holder, fridge magnet etc.

For the chapter with lions in it, I wanted a lion pencil topper. My original thought was that the head would be a pom pom. I gave two of my children pom poms, goggle eyes, craft foam and a chenille stick to attach the lion to the pencil.

As you can see, the pom pom idea didn't work out like I thought it would. Perhaps if we had larger gold or light orange pom poms but we were working with a bag of pom poms from Walmart and didn't want to drive clear down to a craft store.

This guy looked more like a duck than a lion.
We decided that craft foam on craft foam would be better than the pom pom.
Looks more like a flower.
This guy looks like dracula.
I saw Jasmine's beads laying on my bathroom counter where I'd taken them out of her hair and thought about using them for eyes or ears or something.

My crew having fun.

We are working on a polar bear bank. Any suggestions on how to make the face more realistic other than just painting on a face?

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One Crowded House said...

I am crafty- but only after I steak, um, I mean "borrow" ideas from other places :) I am not good at coming up with things on my own! I think the lion turned out very cute!