Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jessica was reading my blog and pointed out that on one post I said I'd show the finished sand blocks and jingle stick on the next post but I forgot. So here they are. Easy to make and fun to use. No word yet on the book. I assume it arrived safely in San Diego but I need to follow up and make sure.

Jessica and I are suppose to be writing 20,000 words this month for National Novel writing month. There is a website where you can go and log in and keep your word count but the real goal is 50,000 words so we set our own goal of 20,000 words. That is the length of the books we are writing. Unfortunately we have only written 2,135 so we have 17,865 words still to write!! This is Jessica's junior year and she is loaded down with papers to write, projects to do, all city band try outs coming up etc. But we will continue to plug away.

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