Sunday, November 16, 2008


On Friday we got a reject from Moody for Kidnapped in Haiti. It basically says they don't accept unsolicited manuscripts. It took 8 months for them to tell us they don't take unsolicited manuscripts. It was also assigned to an aquisition editor which is very unusual if they are going to turn around and say they don't take unsolicited manuscripts. Most places stamp that right on the envelope and send them right back. It should also say that in the writer's market book and it doesn't. It says they accept manuscripts but you can't send it to another publishing house at the same time. Oh well. We are now considering where to send it next. The place we'd picked out isn't taking children's books right now.

We did not get much done yesterday on book two, which takes place in Atlanta--only 821 words. I would love to go to Atlanta right now. We found out that they really decorate the park and that there's ice skating during the holidays.

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Chad said...

That's cool. I'd love to go. Or go in the summer for the fountains.