Monday, December 01, 2008

Book Update

Emerald Coast Youth Group: Kidnapped in Haiti is on its way to Tyndale. They are very hard to get into and it takes forever to hear back but they are also one of the best.

The Atlanta book is over 8,000 words now. Not nearly as far a long as I'd hoped but my cowriter is hard to pin down. I have to bribe her with good & plentys or ju ju jels to get her to work : )

Adam, Jessica and I sat down together yesterday to get the proposal and first six chapters of a new idea ready to send to Legacy. It's a series for boys 6-9 and each of us is writing as a different character. That will go into the mail tomorrow. Everywhere was super crowded today so I decided against errands when I saw how full parking lots were.

I have not heard yet whether or not Concordia is going to update the Junior High Survival Manual. Much of the book is still relevant but it could really use updated because I encourage the readers to go to the library as soon as a project is assigned and no one goes to the library for research anymore. Remember when we had to get those hard back indexes of articles in print and then hope that the library had any of the magazines needed? There are other things like that which need updated.

No news on Just for Me: My Family other than that it has arrived safely.

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