Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't Forget to Add These to Your Christmas List

Reviewed by Sarah (Port Huron, MI), July 19, 2008
I am 7 and I think this book is awesome! It has tons of interesting facts about the Bible and fun craft ideas. I enjoyed making my own Bible bag.

You should read it!, July 20, 2008
A Kid's ReviewI think this book is amazing. It gives a lot of information about the Bible. I really enjoyed the crafts and puzzles that were throughout the book. You should read it!

Best Bible book of all
A Kid's ReviewThe book is about the whole Bible. It tells how God created the world, the flood, David and Goliath, Jesus' birth and all the other main Bible stories. There are activities that explain the Bible. There are Bible verse puzzles too. I recommend you get it because it's fun to read and you'll enjoy it.

Reviewed by Katie (Alabama), April 01, 2008
This is my favorite book for preteen girls. My oldest daughter loves it and I can't wait for my younger two to be old enough to read it. I love it for the values it teaches and my daughter loves it for the fun stories and crafts. Unlike some books, the crafts were very doable and the directions easy to follow. A wonderful fun read for girls.

Reviewed by Diane Young (Meadow Vista, CA), March 25, 2008
Excellent book for our 5th 6th grade girls Bible study. Short and to the point. Girls responded well to the discussion and activities. Everything necessary for a lesson is included. Thank you and God bless.

Amanda G. Weitzel "churchiegirl" (St. Paul, MN United States) - See all my reviews I am a youth worker at a church and have been using this book with a small group of 6th grade girls. We read the chapters together and then do the craft projects together. The girls love the stories and really seem to understand the topics that are covered. They LOVE the craft projects. For some of the chapters that didn't have projects, I created my own that went with the theme of the chapter. It has been a great book for our group and perfect for the middle school aged girl. The reading level is appropriate, it is relevant and fun.

Reviewed by Jasmine (USA), November 16, 2007
Just for Me: The Bible is really good. I like it because it has a lot of crafts and Katie and Sarah stories in it. I like to read the stories. I did the Bible bookmark craft, the door knob hanger craft and the trail mix so far. I can't wait to finish the book!

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