Monday, January 12, 2009

What's Ahead?

Glad you asked! : )

Today I am staring revision on the Jr High Survival Manual which will rerelease Jan 2010 as a middle school survival manual. I'm not sure that will be the title or not.

Legacy does not have a release date yet for the girl's quiz book or Just for Me: My Fmaily. I think the quiz book is going to be really fun but it's been on hold for quite a while. I turned in the finished manuscript Nov 05.

Jessica and I are still working on the Atlanta adventure book. Next month we are going on the girl's get-a-way cruise together. Lest this sound too glamorous, we have a room with bunk beds on the bottom deck next to the storage room or something else equally glamorous. We wanted to take an ATV tour through the Mayan jungle but you have to be 18 and Jessica is 17. We thought that might make a good adventure for a book. But we'll have fun hanging out on a beach somewhere or shopping.

In March Jessica and I go to The Florida Christian Writer's Conference. We hope to find someone interested in our adventure series but no one seems to want children's books right now. If you are interested in writing, check out the conference HERE.

Following that, Jasmine and I hope to take a very quick trip down to see the twins. That's still not for sure.

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