Friday, March 27, 2009

Coming up

Right now I am finishing up changes to a quiz book for girls. I am excited that this book is finally coming out. I wrote it several years ago but with changes in the publishing house, it got set aside. The book has 20+ quizzes for 9-12 year old girls (and a year or two either way too) about personality, interests, friends and so on. I don't have a release date for it but I hope it's late summer/early fall. It is being published by Legacy Press/Rainbow Publishing.

I am almost done with the revisions for the middle school book. It releases from Concordia next January. I think it is more relevant and fun than the Junior High Survival Manual it is replacing. That was released in 1998 and a lot has changed.

Next week is spring break and we'd planned to hang out on several different beaches but we have stormy weather right now and it may continue into next week!

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