Saturday, May 16, 2009


Ashley is 25 and is married to Mike and has two children--Phoenix,5, and Griffin, 1 1/2.

Ty is 18 and graduates from high school on Friday. He is in karate and Police Explorers and is involved with his church youth group. He works at a movie theater.

Jessica is 17 and is finishing her junior year. She is in band and is involved in church activities. She works at the movie theater too.

Jeff is 16. He is at a home for trouble youth right now. We have lots of decisions to make about his future. Jeff was adopted from Haiti just before his 5th birthday. Sometimes things don't go the way you think they will and it is heartbreaking. Jeff plays on a tag football team.

Adam is 14 and finishing 8th grade. He was adopted at 5 mo old through Bethany Christian. Adam was adopted before Jeff. He is getting ready to go to Merritt Island for seven weeks this summer.

Jasmine is 8 and finishing second grade. She came to us through foster care and was eventually able to be adopted. It took three and a half years but she lived with us the whole time. Jasmine is in soccer, dance, gymnastics and church choir. She loves to sing praise and worship songs as well as those from Hannah Montana and HSM.

Kaleb is the older twin. They just turned four yesterday. This adoption is moving very slowly and we can't wait until they can come home.

Kayla is the younger twin but she is more outgoing one.

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