Sunday, July 05, 2009

Atlanta etc.

Jessica was at band and orchestra camp at Mercer University. After her final concert we went up to Atlanta. One of our books is set there and we wanted to check things out. Good thing because I had a major mistake about where something was at.

At centennial olympic park. It's big and there was lot going on there that day--a festival which we missed, and a wedding!

In the olympic ring fountain

At the food court in the CNN building. Our characters come here and get Chinese food but we were in a taco bell mood.

We went over to Stone Mountain the next day. This is the sky hike. The first level is 12 feet up, the second level is 24 feet up and the third level is supposedly as high as a four-story building.

In front of the carving.

On top Stone Mountain

On the paddle boat ride

The next day we went back to Atlanta to Coke World

With the coke bear

Taste testing

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Lou said...

You went to Coke World without me??? Your sister and major Coke addict??? We have got to visit there one of these times we come down to visit you!!!!