Saturday, July 18, 2009

Highlights of the Week

This week was Jasmine's annual Shand's appt. Since it's several hours away and Orlando is only a couple hours farther, we combined the appt with two days at Universal/Islands of Adventure. We go within an hour of where Jeff is at when we head that way so we picked him up too.

Most of the first day was spent at Universal.

The boys hung out at the pool in the evenings.

The girls spent most of the second day at Islands of Adventure but the boys went back and forth between parks.

Jasmine on One Fish, Two Fish. My shirt got soaked on this ride.

In the Cat in the Hat shop. Cat in the Hat was a good ride but I didn't know it spun. I had set my backpack, and Jessica's purse, hat and water bottle (she was on a ride where she couldn't have any loose items) on the seat beside me. The lady didn't say anything like "Do you know that is all going to fly off and you are not going to be able to get it back until the ride closes at 9?" Nope. Found that out the hard way. Thankfully the backpack didn't go flying so at least we had money and the tickets.

Jasmine in the Seuss Landing play ground. I told her to go ahead and get wet but take her shoes and socks off. As usual people stared at her feet and pointed them out to their friends. Even adults. I'd rather they just ask. She knows what to say when people ask why her feet/hand/neck etc. are the way they are.

Everyone together right before we left on the second day.

Jasmine's favorite rides were Spiderman and Seuss Landing (all the rides) at Islands of Adventure and Jimmy Neutron and Men in Black at Universal.

Jeff's favorite rides were Simpsons and Mummy at Universal and Spiderman at Islands of Adventure.

Jessica's favorite rides were Mummy and Men in Black at Universal and Hulk Rollercoaster (big loops and very scary!!) and Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure.

Tyler's favorites were Mummy at Universal and Spiderman and the River Adventure at Islands of Adventure.

Jessica drove the boys back to the hotel to swim and then came back. We went back to Universal. We were able to go on several rides the last hour because it was sprinkling and people were leaving.

The next day we went to Jasmine's annual Shand's appt. We got carry out in the cafeteria.

Jasmine's cranio facial team says she is ready for: 1. braces 2. lip repair 3. nose repair 4. neck repair -surgery last Sept failed 5. bone graft on the jaw
Ugh! I am not ready for all this. We are stalling until Christmas time for some and summer for the rest.

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