Monday, February 08, 2010

Book Give Away Begins

UPDATE: I have a few books left to give away. Some people e-mailed me rather than leaving a comment which is okay. But if you left a comment and didn't e-mail me your address then I have no way to send your books.

I have three books to give away to girls who have come home to their adoptive families in the U.S. since the earthquake. Sorry, I haven't written any boys books. The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible is on back order so I don't have any copies of it.

I have ten copies of this for girls 6-9 but really it reads younger more like 5-8.

I have ten copies of this book for girls 6-9.

I have twenty copies of this for girls 9-12 but really up to 14 since the newly adopted girls may have problems understanding some of the concepts.
These books are bought by me as a gift to the girls (yes, I have to buy them even though I wrote them) as long as they last so first come, first serve. I will even pay postage. Of course my hope is that you will love the books and tell all your friends to buy a copy. I would appreciate any positive review on,, your blog or anywhere else but it is not required.
So here's what you need to do. Leave me a comment on this post with:
which book you want
first name of child only
orphange in Haiti
date of arrival in U.S.
anything else you want to share about your girl
e-mail me your mailing info: kathycassel(at)
THIS ENDS FEB 20 or when all the books are gone.


Mike and Sherri said...

Thanks for the invite on my blog:

Age 7
Just for me (friends or Bible)
Arrived 1/24/10

Bill and Christina said...

Eveline age 12
Saintania age 14


Being your best!
Just for me

Since I have two girls. I don't know if they get one book to share or one each. I don't want them to have the same book.
Arrived 1-24-10

Thanks so much Kathy!

Jodie said...

Thanks so much, Kathy!

Esther (Islande)
Age 9
Just for me (Bible or friends)
Arrived 1/24/10

Zoe (Katiana)
Age 5
Arrived 1/24/10

131teresa said...

Thanks Kathy you are a true blessing!

Age 11
John Hawthorns O
Arrived 1/23/2010

Age 12
John Hawthorns O
Arrived 1/23/2010

Age 8
John Hawthorns O
Arriving home with my husband this week. PM signed papers yesterday,2/15/2010.

Would like the bible but any thing for this age is great. Thank you and God Bless.

Kathy C. said...

Just for Me the Bible would be good for the 8 year old but would probably bor the older ones to death. Probably Being Your Best for them. If you home school you can use it as a character building/traits curriculum book.

Dev Null said...

Thanks for the gift Kathy!

We homeschool and it looks like Being Your Best would be a good fit (age-wise too!).

Thanks again!

Richard W. Pickett, Jr.

Kristen said...

We have girls ages 7, 8, 9, 9 1/2, 10 and 17. I think the Friends book would be great for them. Thank you!