Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book Give Away

Books to be given away

So, as I said in my last post, I found out that my Just for Me series is not selling as well as hoped. These books sell for 6.99 and are for ages 6-9 according to the cover but I really feel they are more 4-8. I guess it depends on interest and reading level. They can be read individually, as part of a mother-daughter time, as part of the home school curriculum, in a small group setting etc.

I need help promoting them, and I am giving away books to those who will help. Here's what I need people to do.

1. Buy two Just for Me books any time after I post this (please don't use copies I sent you previously or that you bought a year ago etc.). You can buy two of the same book for sibling or friends to do, buy one of each, buy them for gifts etc.

2. Send me a picture of you/your child with the books and tell me when and where you got them.

3. Post at least one review on amazon, Christianbook, your blog etc.

What I will do is send you the book of your choice in the photos. Please look the books up at amazon or somewhere so you know what you are getting. They are all new books and many are signed by the author

My books cost $6.99 (but, yep, you're buying two). Almost every book in the pictures cost much more than that. For instance, Betsy's Return sells for $10.99 and Ted Dekker sells for $24.99. The two "It's Your Move" church resource books go together.

So, if you want to do this, buy your two Just for Me Books. Look at the pictures along the side of the blog to see what they look like. Send me your photo and info to kathycassel(at)knology.net. You can do this as many time as you want. For instance, if you buy six books for your homeschool group, you get three of the books in the pictures. I have LOTS more books to give away but these are the ones I'm starting with.

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