Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crafts for the Christian Girl's Guide to Me

I'm working on revisions to the Christian Girl's Guide to Me. One thing I need to do is add some crafts.

I have my own rules for crafts. I have to make them up or at least give a whole new spin to old ideas--obviously they can't be copyrighted but I also don't want something that's been done a zillion times. They need to be easy to make--I am craft challenged so if I can make it, anyone can. They need to use readily available stuff. And they have to be cute or useful or both. Other wise, why bother?

So here we are at 9:00 pm Wed making crafts. Usually someone besides myself either makes it according to my directions or at least tries it with me. Sometimes several kids all make it and we compare the unique spin each child gives it.

I decided on a pillow made from a hand towel and decorated with buttons and ribbons to go with a chapter/quiz "What's Your Bedroom Say About You?" Jessica volunteered to take the idea and supplies and run with it. She used her machine but it could be done by hand.

The chapter/quiz about learning styles is going to have a flower pen (overused idea) and a flowerpot as a penholder.

Adam was grumbling a bit that the pictures of him would all be of him making flowers.

Flowers from craft foam to go on the pots I painted earlier today.

He made a whole bouquet.

Jessica hard at work on the pillow.

Didn't it come out cute? I bought towels, ribbons and buttons in two colors. I think this is going to be the cutest but we'll see after the other one is made.

Stay tuned to see how we progress on the crafts!


Felicia said...

They look great. Overused or not the flower pens are still cute and you can always find your pen. I had a flower pen of my own and the kids never seemed to take that one.

One Crowded House said...

I think those crafts are darling!