Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pictures and Book News

Right now I am working on revisions for The Christian Girl's Guide to Me. Each chapter has a quiz as the main part, but also has a story, ideas, activities or a craft. I think it will be a really good book. This book was supposed to come out July 2006 but there were lots of delays due to two moves the publisher made and several editor changes. I am hoping he plans on the book coming out July 2011. Many of the new books are released at the book convention each July.

My One Year devotional with Tyndale will come out July 2011. I haven't been asked to make any changes to it yet. In January they will be considering another devo idea I submitted. I have to send them more info mid December.

I still have a couple of Just for Me: My Family books to give away so if you've been planning to make the penguin cupcakes, do it. The books are just setting here on my desk waiting for a home.

Just a few pictures...
Halloween. We went to three different church festivals. Some went to four.

We all went to the Veteran's Day parade.

I decided not to sit around bored this weekend so I took whoever could go to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios in Orlando. That's a seven hour drive so we didn't have lots of time there, but we had lots of fun.

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