Monday, December 06, 2010

Orlando and a Wrinkle in Time

This weekend just Jasmine and I went to Orlando for a day. We hung out with our favorite characters.

It's a long drive and we listened to both a Wrinkle in Time and Number the Stars on tape/CD on the trip. It surprised me that A Wrinkle in Time had so many Christian and biblical references. Number the Stars has a Psalm in it and that Psalm is where the book gets its title.
The first bloggers who leave a comment with the the reference of one of the verses quoted in A Wrinkle in Time (please tell me what chapter of the book its in in case I missed any--I have two particular verses in mind) or the Psalm from Number the Stars will get their choice of one of my books. PLease only list one verse so three people can win (or more if I"m forgetting any verses used).

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