Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Updates

Tyler's half-birthday was Sunday. We usually celebrate with either a half-cake, or a small cake or cupcakes. In this case, he got the teddy bear cake to himself and the rest of us shared the round cake.

Jessica is going to be a mission team leader next summer. Her team is going to an Indian Reservation in AZ.
She went to leadership training last weekend.
Jeff has graduated from high school and is trying to enlist in the army.

He ran a 5K and was first place overall. That means he was the very first one to cross the finish line.

Adam ran in the same 5K.

He was fourth overall. This race did not have a lot of people because it was so cold, so they will have to work a lot harder to finish 1st and 4th next time because there will be more competition.

Jasmine had the first part of a two part neck surgery before Christmas. She is getting weekly adjustments to her neck, and should have the second half of the surgery in the spring.

She is keeping busy with fourth grade, jazz & tap classes and church choir.

The twins are playing basketball now.

Yesterday we celebrated them being home one year.

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