Monday, February 28, 2011

Bible Women: Mrs. Noah part 2

God looked down on a world dark with sin. Then he saw a single light. It was the Noah family. The Noahs obeyed God's commands and they taught their sons to do the same. Just as a flashlight pierces the darkness closest to it, so did the Noah family.
The Bible tells us that we should let our light shine so people can see our good works. This will bring glory to God. How bright is your light? Take the quiz below to find out. Circle the answer that best describes what you would do in each situation. Be honest!
1. You are tired of riding your old bike to school and are saving for a new one. During your church mission conference, they announce that a special offering will be taken to build a school in a poor country. You:
a. Give a little bit of your money. You understand that they need the school but you need the bike too.
b. Give all the money. You can mow lawns during the summer to earn money for the new bike for next school year.
c. Keep your money. You already tithed on it so why feel you need to give more?
2. You are on your way into the school when you see the class bully fall. He backpack is open and stuff goes everywhere. An apple rolls down the sidewalk and lands at your feet. You:
a. Hand him his apple and continue on to class.
b. Stop and help him gather his belongings.
c. Think it serves him right and continue on without another thought.
3. You finish your math work early. The teacher suggests you help a struggling student. The same student called you names at lunch. You:
a. Help her with one problem and then get a book to read until class is over.
b. Explain to her how to do the problems and watch that she does them correctly.
c. Say no thanks. She really embarrassed you at lunch.
Count how many you have of each letter.
a's _____
b's _____
c's _____
If you have mostly a's, you have a fading light. You know what you should do but only do it half-heartedly.
If you have mostly b's, you have a bright light. You are giving to others unselfishly and letting the love of Jesus flow through you.
If you have mostly c's, you have a dim or no light. You aren't letting God's love shine through you. Ask God to help you unselfishly reach out and give to others.

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