Friday, March 11, 2011

Bible Women: Mrs. Noah part 3

Next week is spring break and I want to take the youngest three to play at the park and at the beach. But rain is in the forecast. If it rains, we'll go to see the Yogi Bear movie at the cheap theater where we'll eat too much popcorn with butter.
Have you ever thought about what it must have been like for Mrs. Noah and the whole Noah family? Saying yes to God's plan was a really smart thing to do, after all, look what happened when Noah tried to say no to God's plan. But it also meant a year in very close quarters with her family and the animals.
What do you suppose they did? I wonder they had games they made up to pass the time, or maybe they sang or told stories. What do you think they did? Leave a comment and let me know your ideas.
I still have both copies of the book to give away from a couple of posts back.
And I found that the place that reviewed my book has actually reviewed three of them! HERE

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