Saturday, March 26, 2011


Nope. Not posting about a Bible woman this time, but a horse--the horse from Tangled. He is my favorite character in the movie. I think it's because he looks and acts like a horse I've ridden recently. My daughter and I decided to take riding lessons, but due to cost we can't go very often. So since we started in November, we've only ridden six times.

Here's the horse from Tangled. (Double click it to bring it up in you tube so you can see the whole width, which is block by my sidebar.)

And here's the one I ride.

I really like this movie but I'm not sure why. Maybe because there is a less than perfect princess who struggles with her conscious about leaving the tower, who is finding out who is and who has a dream she's determined to fulfill. She's also refreshing human--a bit like Belle in Beauty and the Beast? There's also a changed hero, and both a horse and chameleon with a lot of personality. And don't forget the men at the Snuggly Duckling who all have secret dreams. Guess you can't judge people by their looks!

So, if you've seen the movie, who was your favorite character and why? What's your dream?

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DragonRider said...

My fav character is Maximus and the chameleon.