Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall Challenge

Want to know more about the Bible? Want to do craft, puzzles and activities that help you learn about the Bible? Join us this fall in reading through one of these books a chapter a week starting after Labor Day.

And if you are home school, maybe you can include this as part of your school work.

There will be prizes and give aways along the way.

Details coming soon, but if you'd be interested, leave a comment below.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Give Away

I have two copies of this book. One is signed by the author and one isn't. Since I got them free, I am giving them away free. I am going to give them to the two blog readers who have the newest siblings aged 0-4. So if you have a new sibling who very recently joined your family by birth or adoption and is 4 or under, leave a comment with the child's first name, age and when he or she arrived.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Been a while

since I posted about Bible women. I'll get back to that soon. I'm also going to be doing a fall challenge on here and will tell you more about it soon too. If you did the summer challenge a couple of summers ago, it's going to be similar.

This week I was at ICRS. ICRS is International Christian Retail Show. That's where publishers and companies bring their merchadise and showcase it. Book store owners come and see what's available and place orders. A lot of authors are there, and they sign books and give them away! I have a few extra books and I'm going to be giving them away as part of the fall challenge. Stay tuned for details!

Here are a few pictures from ICRS

It started with music by the Duggar family
Nicole C. Mullins sang too

We were right by Centennnial Olympic Park. This the Olympic Ring fountain

This is it in the morning.

We walked about a mile to the World Congress Center where the convention was held.

This twins are pointing to my book cover for the book which will be available October 1.

This is us with Christian suspense author Brandilyn Collins.

The Duggar family sang and played again.

Us with Karen Kingsbury.

Tyler with Wayne Batson. He writes fantasy.

Me with my author friend Eva Marie Everson.

With Nancy Rue. You might have read her Lily series or Sophie's World series.

These are the guys who wrote Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous which comes out in theaters Sept 30. Get your dad to go see it! It's a message to dads.

These are some of the guys in the movie.

In the fountain.