Saturday, August 13, 2011

Give Away for Moms

This give away is for moms who are committing to the fall challenge with their daughters ages 5 or 6 to 12 or 13 (depending on reading and interest level). There is more information in the last few posts about what we'll be doing.

Send a picture of your daughter(s) with the book(s) she will be reading for the fall challenge. Either Just for Me: The Bible or The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible. I'll be posting the photos with only a first name and age.

After you send the photo, choose the book you want from below. The top right in the bottom picture is a DVD not book. Let me know in the comment section on this post what book you want. That way others will know what's already been chosen. Check the other comments before choosing your book to make sure someone hasn't already asked for it. U.S. address only please.

Send photos and mailing address for the book to kathycassel(at)

This give away will be open until Sept 5th when we being reading the Bible books.

Update: "Learning" and "A Love That Multiplies" are gone.


kb said...

I would like "Learning". Thanks, Kathy!

Kimmie said...


I will be back...don't have time to read the details...and three of my kids have soccer games (all in different locations/times) (aurrghhh)


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