Friday, September 30, 2011

Next Give Away

I have books to give away. I have two copies of Taken by Brock Eastman published by Focis on the Family, three copies of Annie Henry and the Secret Mission by Susan Olasky, and two copies of Meghan Rose on Stage by Lori Scott, published by Standard Publishing. I'm telling you the titles and authors so you can look the books up and know what they are. Each girl who send a picture of herself with one of the crafts or projects from one of the Bible books can choose a book. And since I know it's really the moms who have to take and send the pictures, I have four copies of Courageous Living: Dare to Take a Stand by Michael Catt for the moms.

So if you're doing one of the projects this week, snap a photo and e-mail it to me at kathycassel(at)

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