Monday, September 05, 2011

Off and Running

This was a busy weekend. We traveled to get my oldest son from college. We planned to go snorkeling. But the weather had other plans for us. There was a tropical depression that dumped tons of rain on us. The waves were wicked! So we stayed in the hotel and watched The Trial and Soul Surfer.

We took these first two pictures on the way home from returning Tyler to college. The rain had stopped for a while, but the water was still very choppy.

It was almost bedtime when we got home, but we took time to read the introduction to The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible together.

And Jasmine took the quiz. She got 10 out of 14 right, so she is a Bible pro. But even if she'd missed them all, it would have been okay because all of it is covered in the book.

Did you start reading yet? How did you do on the quiz? If you are reading Just for Me: The Bible, what did you think of the Katie and Sarah story? You'll read about them all the way through the book.

The first five readers to post comments will get a Legends of Faith booklet. But if more than that leave a comment, we'll find something for everyone!


BIG DOG said...


kb said...

We just started the "Christian girl's guide to the Bible" today, and I am a "Bible genius". At the end of the week, my sister and I are going to do the walk with God Bible bag.

Kimmie said...

Hi Kathy;

My girls are loving their copy you sent them...they continue to press on in it (thank you sweet friend!)

Sorry about the rain...did you enjoy the movie you watched?

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Kathy C. said...

have them join us if they want. we are going to be going through the books fairly slowly due to everyone's busy schedule.

we watched Soul Surfer and The Trial. Pleasantly surprised at both. Especially the Trial. The book is by a Christian author but that doesn't always mean anything. however, he helped right the screen play and there wasn't a bad work or innuendo anywhere in the whole movie. pretty good for an action type movie.

Jasmine said...

I missed four on the quiz and it made me a Bible pro.

Jane said...

Gerdy and Gracie are really enjoying the Bible books! WE read at night before bed, and it's a special time. I'll get their comments tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


I missed #14. I'm a Bible genius.