Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week

CGG to the Bible let's try to read pgs 37- mid 47 this week. J4M: The Bible pgs 23 up to the Sarah & Katie story on pg 30. If you get behind, don't worry. Just do what you can. The point is to have mother-daughter time and to learn more about the Bible.

I want to send one of these books to every girl doing the fall challenge. Here's how it will work. Once a girl interacts 4 times on this blog-starting today-I will send a copy of the book. I want to make sure the girls are really with us : ) They can leave a comment about something they read this week, send a photo with their book or a craft (, or anything like that to count. It doesn't have to be deeply profound. Just share and interact with the other girls doing the fall challenge.

CGG to the Bible has a craft this week. It's a tie dye shirt. We did this yesterday and today. Yep, it's messy. I'll be bleaching my counters later. I let all the kids do it, not just Jasmine. They all made two shirts. Some of the little ones dyed men's T-shirts to be sleep shirts. I even made one. I'll be posting pictures soon.

I have a couple of Legends of Faith booklets left. I had more than I thought to start with. If you didn't get one, just go back a couple of posts and leave your comment.

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