Monday, September 19, 2011

This Week's Craft

The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible has tie dyed shirts as a craft in our reading this week. Everyone got in on it at our house although I don't know if everyone is in the pictures. We started by accordian folding and rubber banding our shirts.

The first day we had pink, blue and purple to choose from. We added orange the second day for round two, but orange proved to be very messy and nasty looking when blending with blue. The first day we did two colored shirts and the second day we got creative and did three colored shirts.

Rinsing the shirts. You don't even have to use new shirts. This is a good thing to do with white shirts that are stained. Who will know the difference by time you dye them?

Before being washed and dried. I was just going to dry them, but decided to wash them first to get extra dye out. The color faded though so maybe I should have dried them all the way first and then washed them??

Jasmine's first shirt.

Here are the shirts from the first day. I don't have pictures of the finished shirts from day 2.


Lori Ewart said...

Your shirts look great! In the articles I read before we did this at the library, it suggested leaving them in a ziploc bag overnight, so the dye has longer to "take" then rinsing them... Never tried it on my own,though.

Kathy C. said...

I wonder how you'd keep the colors from running together?

Momto16 said...

Cute! I can never get mine to stay bright either.....i think yours turned out pretty good!