Monday, November 28, 2011

Girls' Devotion Book for 2012

All the books have been claimed, and I will be sending them out Monday.

I had originally made this book available to those doing the Fall Challenge, and each of those girls will automatically get a copy.

But I have six other copies that I will send to girls 10-14 (more or less, older adoptive children may also benefit and younger readers with strong comprehension skills as well) who will write a review of the book and post it on,, their blog, facebook or wherever (unless of course you hate the book, then don't write a review!) But more importantly than getting the word out through reviews, I'm excited about the content. It was a fun book to write, and I learned a lot about Bible women researching it. There are some amazing women in the Bible who dealt with jealousy, sibling rivalry, unfulfilled dreams, abuse, peer pressure and more. There were godly women, heroines and villains. There are well known women like Rachel and Ruth and lesser known ones like Caleb's daughter. And we can learn something from all of them.

Leave me a comment if you are a fall challenge participant and want a copy or you are a 10-14 year old girl who'd like to read through the book next year. It has 366 devotions--one for each day of the year and an extra for Leap Year.


kb said...

Our oldest daughter is doing the fall challenge; I'm sure she would also be glad to write a review. :)

Lattemama said...

My daughter is 11, is really getting into her quiet times and loves to write. How can she be a part of this? Thanks!

Jane Yamaguchi said...

Gerdy loves these devotionals- she's through with the Fall Challenge book, and would love this new one! She loves the book of RUth! Thanks- Jane Yamaguchi

Kathy C. said...

L-as long as you are within the U.S. I'll mail you a copy for free. Send me your address

Lattemama said...

Thanks! Wil do, thanks Kb for letting me know about on fb!