Friday, December 30, 2011

Bible Trivia Quiz

First person to correctly answer all the questions below wins these books:


You may pass them on to someone who would enjoy them, but please do NOT sell them on e bay or anywhere else as they were generously given away at the book convention in July.

U.S. mailing addresses only.

Here are the questions. They are all from Genesis.

1. What child did Eve say was given to her to replace Abel after his death?

2. What instruments did Jubal play?

3. Lot's wife looked back at the city they'd left and was turned into what?

4.What did Rachel steal from her father when she left his home?

5.What animal did Pharaoh see in his dream?

Leave you answers in the comment section for this post only.


Lisa said...

1. Seth
2. Harp & flute
3. Pillar of salt
4. Household idols
5. Cows

(I had to look up a couple of these.)

A few of these books look very interesting - I hadn't heard of all of them.

Kathy C. said...