Thursday, December 13, 2012

Add to Your Christmas List part 3

I have one book published by Concordia and one published by Tyndale, with a second coming out next July.

This book is for both girls and boys and would be an ideal present for your 5th grader who will face middle school next year or for your sixth or maybe even seventh grader. It covers school skills such as note taking, test taking, knowing your learning style and improving listening skills, but it also covers things such as making and losing friends and standing up to peer pressure or even creating peer pressure of your own.
more info here

Tyndale did a really good job on helping me tighten up the writing in this book so it's a much smoother read than it would have been without their hard work. The girls (Jasmine ,11, and Jessica, 21) have been reading this together with me this year. We've ended up missing many days unfortunately, so they'll just have to read it again next year! So sisters or moms and daughters, take time to read through this next year. It's best for 10-14-year-old girls but maybe younger if they are reading it with an older female.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Add to Your Christmas List part 2

 If you are a girl age 5-8, these books are for you. They say for girls 6-9 on the cover, but they are much too simple for the average 9-year-old. They may be ideal for an adopted 9-year-old who is still learning the language and basic concept of living in a family or learning about the Bible or a child who struggles with reading or comprehension.

This book covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. using stories about fiction characters Sarah and Katie, rebus stories, activities, crafts and puzzles. This is a fun book to do with a girl's Bible study group or just with a friend or sister (or parent if you don't have a sister).
Here are some of the crafts you can make from the book:

I made these for my sponsored children at the time.

This book talks about making--and losing--friends, how to be a good friend, how to solve friendship problems and fun things to do with friends. It reminds girls that Jesus is their best friend. There's a whole chapter of crafts and games to do together. This is really a fun book and you definitely need to read it with a sister or friend.  Here are some of the crafts you can make from this book:

This is the newest of the Just for Me books.  This books talks about why God made families, discusses different kinds of families, talks about the importance of working, playing and serving together and discusses special times and celebrations. An animal family and a Bible family are featured in each chapter. There are crafts, puzzles, stories and activities. And there's a special family activity in each chapter. Some of you made the penguin cupcakes from this book a while back. Unfortunately I can't find where I posted those photos. Here are pictures of some of the crafts and activities from this book:
Family bowling game

Edible tic tac toe

family tree

If the books aren't available at your local Christian bookstore, try HERE. But please visit your local Christian bookstore first because they need your business.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Add to Your Christmas List Part 1

These three books are all from the Christian Girl's Guide series. They are for ages 9-12, but girls a little younger or older may enjoy them too. And they are more fun when done with a sibling or friend.

You can read some reviews of them to the right side of this blog, but I'll tell you a little about them too.

The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quiz Book is my newest book in this series. It has quizzes like Are You for Real, How Honest are You, Are You a Good Test Taker, How are Your Manners and What Kind of Smart are You. There are 22 quizzes in all. So you could take this book to school and do a quiz a day with a group of friends during lunch or break time. There are also stories, activities and crafts to do. Below are some random photos of the Jessica, Jasmine and Adam creating and testing out the crafts. If we can do them, any body can do them! Believe me! I am craft challenged, so I look for easy to make crafts that use simple supplies and are useful either for myself or for gifts.

The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible goes through the Bible chronologically from Genesis to Revelation (although they changed my Revelation section and it's not a good representation of the book). If you aren't familiar with the Bible at all or maybe you just need a review of  what's in the Bible, this book is for you. It teaches about the Bible through stories, crafts, activities, puzzles and basic information.

The Christian Girl's Guide to Being Your Best was the first book in the series. It has 11 tips for being your best: Use your talents, Do your best, Stand up for yourself and what's right, Set priorities, Walk with God, Cherish your family, Value your integrity, Be compassionate, Be content, Preserve, Guard your tongue. It's kind of a guide to life for preteen girls.

So when you're making your Christmas list, be sure to include these books. And don't forget a copy for your bff. Check your local Christian bookstore first, and if they can't order the books for you, they are available on and You can get free postage for orders over $25 on amazon.

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There Will Always be Mean Girls

If you've been reading  The One Year Devotions for Girls Starring Women of the Bible, you're just finishing up the Old Testament Women. The last few devotions have been summaries of the lessons learned from many of the women.

One of them is There Will Always be Mean Girls. Isn't that the truth? It was true in Bible times, true when I was in school, true now. There will always be girls who look for someone to make fun of, who laugh at other people's clothes, hair, you name it. Girls who make fun of the disabled or anyone who is different in any way.  
It's more frustrating watching some of my children be victims than it was to be made fun of myself.

Here's the September 17 devo about it.

There Will Always Be Mean Girls
     Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. Ephesians 4:3
     Brooke hid in a stall in the girl's bathroom at school, trying to avoid Sierra. On the first day of school Brooke had accidentally bumped into Sierra, making her drop her books. That same day she and Sierra both tried out for the volleyball team. Brooke made the team but Sierra didn't. Four weeks into school Sierra and her group were still going out of their way to be mean to Brooke. They made fun of her clothes, her hair, the way she walked—anything they could think of. Brooke looked forward to volleyball practice at the end of the day. That was one time when Sierra and her clones couldn't bother Brooke.
     There have always been mean girls, and unfortunately there probably always will be. As long as there are comparisons, jealousy and rivalry, there will be girls who are anger and bitter. Bible women weren't much different. When Hagar got pregnant after Sarah couldn't, she taunted Sarah. Sarah reacted by treating her unkindly, causing Hagar to run away.
     Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah when it was Rachel he loved.  That caused all sorts of problems. Leah was plain and unloved, but she had baby after baby. Rachel was beautiful and was loved by Jacob, but she couldn't have children. Comparisons and jealousy between the sisters strained their relationship.
     Elkanah had two wives—Hannah and Peninnah. He loved Hannah more, but just like Rachel, she couldn't have children. Peninnah could, and she made fun of Hannah because of it.
     Mean girls grow into mean women and make life miserable for those around them. You can't change them, but you can change how you respond to them. Ask God to give you the grace to ignore them and to see them as girls in need of God's love and forgiveness.      
Is there a mean girl in your life? How do you react to her? What changes do you need to make? How can you make an effort to be united "binding yourselves together with peace"?

If you're dealing with a mean girl, or have in the past, leave a comment. We've all been there. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our last big trip of the summer was to Chicago and to Elkhart, IN where I grew up. We only had two and a half days in Chicago so we really had to pack things in to get everything seen. We bought the CityPass which allowed us to visit five places. There was a lot more we wanted to do, but it'll have to wait for a later trip.
Before the trip. We are a normal family so there was a bit of arguing and fighting as we loaded and got ready to go. This is 7:00 a.m.
We took a play break at a cool park we found on a detour.
We pushed and made Chicago by 1:00 the second day.
Our first stop was the aquarium.
Most of the places we went had several 3D movies to choose from that were included in our passes.
We went to the Sky Tower next. It was the only place that didn't close by 5:30. Why do these places close so early? It makes it hard to visit two in a day. This photo is everyone out on the ledge of the sky tower 103 floors up.
The second day we went to the Field Museum. We only had a few hours as we also needed to visit the planetarium the same day.
I made a couple of these plastic mold o ramas when I was a kid. Glad they are still around. I think Chicago might be the only place I've seen them. I think mine long ago were from a zoo in Chicago since they were animals.
At the planetarium.
A space toilet. Who knew?
The last day we spent about 6-7 hours at the Museum of Science and Industry. Three of the kids paid $5 to watch the Toymaker 3000 assemble a gravitron for them. The child's name and the date are engraved on them.
Testing them out.
Jasmine's mold o rama shuttle.
Tyler's tin roof sundae.
After the museum, we drove on to my mom's house.
And my sister's. She only lives 5 houses from my mom.
We stayed about a week and then headed home.
We stopped at the park again since the detour was still in effect.

We were gone less than two weeks, but we got a lot done in that time.