Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Jasmine, Jessica and I are reading through this book together this year. The one day we can't do it together is Wednesday, because Jessica leaves for college at 8:30, picks Jasmine up for dance straight from college (jazz and tap), takes the twins home from dance (tumbling but it's at the dance academy) and makes supper. Then she's left for her night class (used to be church orchestra but she has to take a class Wed nights now to graduate her two year program in May) by the time Jasmine and I get home. By time she gets home, Jasmine is in bed. We try to read it together daily as soon as both girls are home from school and that time varies from 3:30 to 4:30. On the weekend we do it whenever we can. We are even taking it on our Disney trip this weekend!

So far we are reading about Eve. I wrote about Eve on this blog several months ago. It's in the archives under Bible women. The thing about Eve is that we forget she's more than just the woman who ate the fruit, she was God's unique creation. She was the first woman to walk the earth. She came into the world as an adult and had her own personality, talents and abilities. The thing for us to remember is that God gave each of us the personality and abilities that we need to accomplish the things he has for us to do.

Anyone else reading the book too?

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Julia said...

I'm reading the book with my sisters and we all love it. Sometimes we have to much work and don't read it together so we just read it by ourselves. Thanks again!!!