Saturday, March 10, 2012

Highlights of the Past Week

Normally I go to writer's conference the first week in March (Wed thru Sunday) but this year I just went Saturday and Sunday. It ends with lunch on Sunday. It was a chance to spend a little time with author friends. This is Anitra who is on the radio. I did an interview with her about the Just for Me books and the One Year Devos for Girls Starring Women of the Bible. Half way through answering one question I forgot what she'd asked me!

Jessica went with me.

So did Jasmine because we were driving down to Miami for a cruise together.

Jasmine took her drum practice pad.

She sang in the Sunday morning session.

There were crocodiles by this lake but they went under the water when we got close.

After conference we went to Kissimee to meet two fellow adoptive moms I know through blogs and facebook. They live in Washington state but were in FL for a few days.

We were in Nassau, Bahamas. It was sunny but very windy so our snorkeling excursion was cancelled and so was the island stop the next day : (

But we went to the Pirate museum.

And we went shopping. Yep, I've been wearing the hat. You'll see it below in the Disney photos.

And we went to the Karen Kingsbury events on board

We went on the bus tour of Key West.

We got off the bus at several stops including the beach.


There was a PJ party and the movie Tangled that ended at 1:20 A.M.

Now we're at Disney.

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