Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Reviews

These are reviews that were left on the Barnes and Noble online store. They are parent written. Either parents or readers can write the reviews to get the give away books below. I still have several left, and if I run out I have plenty more. That's one advantage of going to book covention in the summer. I have a chance to pass on some awesome books and hope if you enjoy them you'll tell others about them.

You can review more than one book to choose more than one book from the ones listed a couple of posts back. So take a few minutes now to write a review and post it to as many sites as you know of--barnes and noble, amazon, christianbooks etc.

This year long devotion for girls looks at Bible women and shows how those heroines and villians faced many of the same things girls today face--peer pressure, jealousy, sibling rivalry, poor self esteem, anger, facing changes and more. The book is very practical and offers good insights for readers ages 10-14. (The OYD for Girls...)

Finally a book that acknowledges that not all families are white with two parents (although I wish the cover showed that). This book has stories and activities having to do with families. It also includes Bible families and even mentions some of the characteristics of animal families that are needed in human families too. The book mentions blended families, foster and adopted children. A good discussion starter for young girls. (JfM: My Family)

This book goes through the Bible book by book with enough stories, crafts and puzzles to keep girls reading. The book is a good way to introduce girls, Bible clubs and church groups to what's in the Bible. (CGG to the Bible)

This is my favorite book of this series. Some of it was a little easy for my daughter because she knows a lot about the Bible but she still learned new things about Bible authors and the Bible is all about. There are enough activities to keep girls interested. I would recommend it for ages 5-7. (JFM: The Bible)

This is the first book I read by this author and the best. Some of the tips for preteen girls to be their best are Use Your Talents, Do Your Best, Stand Up for Yourself and What's Right, Set Priorities, Walk with God, Cherish Your Family and more. Each tip has stories, crafts, puzzles and Scripture to go with it. This can be read by individual girls or used in a group. A must have for preteen girls. (CGG to Being Your Best)

This book is for a younger age than the cover says. My five year old was able to understand it and do all the activities. It is really appropriate for 5-7. The activities are fun and will interest that age group. I recommend the other books in this series over this one. If you can only get one, get Just for Me: The Bible. (JFM: Friends)

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