Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back from Orlando

I'm back from the ICRS convention. This stands for International Christian Retail Show. It used to be the Christian Book Association convention, but now they have so many gift and other kinds of  booths that there's almost as much stuff that isn't books than is.

Christian publishers and other companies set up tables displaying their products, and then book store owners from all over the world (even some countries I didn't know where were!) come to see what's available and place orders.

Some of the publishers have their authors there signing new books. I went through Tyndale. I wasn't scheduled to sign books, but I got to go around and get books I thought I'd enjoy or others would.

It was a little more difficult this year due to tearing the ligaments in my left knee wiping out roller blading two weeks ago. I had to hobble around in a knee brace and there is an enormous amount of walking involved at ICRS. 

 You can see how long this hall is. We had to go down two halls this long just to get to the book area.
 This is us ready for a concert opening night. It was pretty casual, but we dressed up more the next three days.
 This is our food stash. At the convention center (we were in Orlando) sandwiches were 9.75, water was 3.50 and a $.99 bag of chips was 3.00, so we took our own food and soda.
 Jessica took a picture of me getting my picture taken next to my book cover by someone from Legacy.
 Jessica with Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee who write suspense books for adults. She was getting the book for an adult friend from church.
 Jessica with Christian musician Matthew West.
 We got to see the preview of the new Veggie Tale video. I think it will be available in October.
 This is the title.
 Then we went to a Newsboys' concert.
 Pictures with Christian musician Jeremy Camp.
 A reception for some authors.
 Jessica talking with the director/actor from 25 Hill after we saw the movie. It has the boy from Dolphin Tale in it.
 Splurging on pizza and bread sticks. And icing my knee with a water bottle.
The girls enjoying the hotel pool. They also went to Disney for a day and a half after the convention, but I didn't due to my knee.