Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our last big trip of the summer was to Chicago and to Elkhart, IN where I grew up. We only had two and a half days in Chicago so we really had to pack things in to get everything seen. We bought the CityPass which allowed us to visit five places. There was a lot more we wanted to do, but it'll have to wait for a later trip.
Before the trip. We are a normal family so there was a bit of arguing and fighting as we loaded and got ready to go. This is 7:00 a.m.
We took a play break at a cool park we found on a detour.
We pushed and made Chicago by 1:00 the second day.
Our first stop was the aquarium.
Most of the places we went had several 3D movies to choose from that were included in our passes.
We went to the Sky Tower next. It was the only place that didn't close by 5:30. Why do these places close so early? It makes it hard to visit two in a day. This photo is everyone out on the ledge of the sky tower 103 floors up.
The second day we went to the Field Museum. We only had a few hours as we also needed to visit the planetarium the same day.
I made a couple of these plastic mold o ramas when I was a kid. Glad they are still around. I think Chicago might be the only place I've seen them. I think mine long ago were from a zoo in Chicago since they were animals.
At the planetarium.
A space toilet. Who knew?
The last day we spent about 6-7 hours at the Museum of Science and Industry. Three of the kids paid $5 to watch the Toymaker 3000 assemble a gravitron for them. The child's name and the date are engraved on them.
Testing them out.
Jasmine's mold o rama shuttle.
Tyler's tin roof sundae.
After the museum, we drove on to my mom's house.
And my sister's. She only lives 5 houses from my mom.
We stayed about a week and then headed home.
We stopped at the park again since the detour was still in effect.

We were gone less than two weeks, but we got a lot done in that time.

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