Thursday, December 13, 2012

Add to Your Christmas List part 3

I have one book published by Concordia and one published by Tyndale, with a second coming out next July.

This book is for both girls and boys and would be an ideal present for your 5th grader who will face middle school next year or for your sixth or maybe even seventh grader. It covers school skills such as note taking, test taking, knowing your learning style and improving listening skills, but it also covers things such as making and losing friends and standing up to peer pressure or even creating peer pressure of your own.
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Tyndale did a really good job on helping me tighten up the writing in this book so it's a much smoother read than it would have been without their hard work. The girls (Jasmine ,11, and Jessica, 21) have been reading this together with me this year. We've ended up missing many days unfortunately, so they'll just have to read it again next year! So sisters or moms and daughters, take time to read through this next year. It's best for 10-14-year-old girls but maybe younger if they are reading it with an older female.

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