Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Busy Time

Some things are winding down or are over. Jasmine finished 11-12s basketball, and Kaleb finished 7-8s basketball. 

Adam is into track season. At his high school you don't have to try out, just show up.

Today was the first day of track try outs for Jasmine's middle school. Her school is pretty competitive and has try outs for every sport. She ran the one-mile and a sprint today. She didn't try the shot put or disk. There are two more days. Pray she keeps a good spirit and does her best. It's very competitive so her best may not cut it, but I hope she can do at least one event. The one-mile would be best. She's not a sprinter, but she can run a 5K so distance would be better. One mile is the longest.

Jasmine turned 12 last week. Below are some of her Sear's portraits. Which one do you like best? The last one doesn't count because it's a collage.

I've finished the edits for my book coming out in July: The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids. I have just one devo to rewrite.

Tomorrow Jessica and I head south for the Florida Christian Writer's Conference.

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