Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Favorite Trivia Question

There is one trivia question in my book coming out in October that I think has to be a favorite. Here's the devotion based on it.

June 3
Jehu Ends Baal Worship
Q: What did Jehu do with the temple of Baal after he'd killed all the Baal worshippers in the land?
            a. built an altar to God
            b. converted it to a public toilet
            c. had it torn down

    Elijah told Jehu that God had chosen him to destroy Ahab's entire family. This was a big task because Ahab had seventy sons and many other family members.
     Jehu was serious about ridding the land of evil and planned to kill all the priests and worshippers of Baal, as well as Ahab's family. Jehu spread the news around the land that he was going to offer a special offering to Baal. He ordered that every priest and worshipper of Baal attend. They arrived, and he posted eighty of his men outside the temple. Jehu ordered them not to let even one person escape, or they'd pay for it with their own lives. All the Baal worshippers were slain with swords and not one escaped.
     Jehu tore down the sacred pillar and wrecked the temple of Baal. What did he do then? If you guessed he did something sacred like building an altar to God, you're wrong. He converted it to a public toilet! Why did he do that? The Bible doesn't say. Maybe he thought a temple of Baal wasn't worthy of being anything other than a toilet. Perhaps he had his own reasons that aren't shared in the biblical account. But for whatever reason, Jehu thought a public toilet was the best use of the temple.
For You: God used Jehu to rid the land of false prophets. Today you would be in big trouble for slaying false teachers and prophets with a sword like Jehu, but the Bible can be your sword for confronting false beliefs. Whenever you aren't sure if something is true or not, check it against God's Word.
Answer: b
     They smashed the sacred pillar and wrecked the temple of Baal, converting it into a public toilet, as it remains to this day. 2 Kings 10:27
(The Whole Story: 2 Kings 10:18-36)