Sunday, August 04, 2013

Best of Summer Part 1

I realize I haven't said anything about our summer so far. So here is the best of the summer in pictures. It will probably be in three parts so no one gets picture overload.

Jessica, Jasmine and I spent part of a day at Sea World. Summers are very rainy in FL, so we had to work around heavy rain.

The next day we met another adoptive family who I had known only online previously. We met at Magic Kingdom.

Unfortunately, it was both crowded and rainy. But it was fun meeting new friends. This is only about a third of our combined children.
The next day, we met everyone in Miami for a cruise.

We went to Key West, which was awesome.

And we went to Cozumel which most of the kids declared, "The best day of my life."

We stopped  to see relatives on the way home, and the girls and I went to Sea World for a few hours since we have passes.

And that was the first part of our summer. 

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