Friday, September 13, 2013

Jasmine's Journal

If you remember, I have not yet posted Jasmine's end of summer journal entry. That's because I hadn't typed it in. But now I have, and here it is. Jasmine did hers all on her own including revising and writing the final copy so if parts are a little rough, that's because it is entirely her work.

Highlights of Summer
Jasmine Cassel

     This summer was a blast, but the three biggest highlights of the summer were Cozumel, Mexico, St Louis and Indiana.
      One of the places we stopped on our cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is a beautiful place. The water is two different shades of blue, In Cozumel, Mom and I went to the different stores. My mom bought three different colors of the same shirt. Next we went into a bigger store where we looked at chess sets. (She doesn't talk about the excursion we went on!)
     Another highlight of summer was St Louis, Missouri. St Louis is called the "Gateway to the West." In St Louis we went up to the top of the arch, which is 630 feet. The view from the arch was incredible. You could see the Cardinal stadium.
     The last highlight of summer was Elkhart, Indiana. In Indiana we went to Mrs. Juanita's in-laws' lake. At the lake I went on the raft that's anchored in the sand. Then we went in a pontoon boat. We picked up Mrs. Megan and a couple of her friends. We drove around for a while then we dropped them back off. Then we drove out to the very middle of the lake and jumped off the boat.

     This summer was a blast but these three things were the best and hopefully we'll get to do something similar next summer.

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