Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Good Goal for the Year

Many people make resolutions for the New Year. They start out strong trying to keep their resolutions, but soon the enthusiasm fades and they fall back into old habits or neglect the things they resolved to do in the New Year. In order to really accomplish something, it's important to know what you want to do and how you'll do it. What's your end goal? How will you reach it?

What do you want to accomplish in 2014? Maybe you want to make the honor roll, learn to play an instrument or learn to swim. Your goals might be about school, things you want to do or things you want to learn. How will you reach them? Break each goal down into small manageable steps, and don't quit if it takes you longer to complete one step than you thought it would. Stay steady and you'll be more likely to have accomplished your goals by time Dec. 31 rolls around.

One goal that should be on everyone's list is to learn more about God and the Bible. This goal doesn't really have an end point, because we can always learn more. You have many ways to do it, and perhaps those will be your real goals. You might choose to read through sections of the Bible. Or you might read through a book about the Bible. 

Some of the books I've written can help you learn more about the Bible. (They helped me learn more as I did research to write them!)

This book is for girls 8-12. It has stories, crafts, quizzes and information about each book of the Bible. It's a general overview of the Bible and a good place to start learning more about God's Word. 

This book is similar to the one above but is for younger children. It says for  ages 6-9, but I really think it's more for 5-8, although the younger children may need someone to read it with them.

Both books are good ones to read through with a friend. It's more fun doing the crafts and quizzes with another person.

This book is for both boys and girls ages 8-12. There is a devotion for each day of the year. Every devotion starts with a trivia question from the Bible. The daily devotion talks about the question and also tells you where you can find the story in the Bible. You'll also see how the information applies to your own life.

This book is for girls ages 10-14. The daily devotions talk about women of the Bible, and include well known ones like Sarah, Rebekah and Mary. It also includes lesser known ones such as Noah's wife, Caleb's daughter,  Jael, Joanna and Huldah. You'll read about how these women faced and dealt with jealousy, fear, rejection and sibling rivalry. You'll read about good role models like Abigail and Esther, and poor ones like Jezebel--the queen of mean--and her daughter. You'll read about acts of courage and kindness. And by the end of the year, you'll know a lot more about the Bible.

So if you haven't made learning more about God and the Bible one of your goals for the year, why not start now? Check your local bookstore for one of these books or others that will help you meet your goal. Make sure you have a Bible that you can read and understand also. Your parents, a Sunday school teacher or a Christian bookstore employee can help you with that.

What's your goal for the year?

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